Garni Aurora Welcome Garni Aurora

Water, mountains, we love them: the sunrises and gives that light.. wonderful... it's Peace, it's Light. Here we are!

from Soraga... keep calm and look!

Our Home

I’ve chosen bright colors to furnish my house, so that you can enjoy the sun light, the snow and flowers without color bothering. You can literally see through the wood, the glasses and the lights… your sight has only to be ready to be surprised.

What I see, is what you see… everything is a gift that has to be gifted to others.

Organic... my love!

Bio is new Normal... think NATURally!

Food has organic Origins. I prefer to taste natural flavours… also for my guests.

We make it... like at home!

I like home-made cakes. I like the smell. Biscuits and cakes are home made because I don’t like too much sugar in sweets.

Natural taste is better than sugar taste!

Fruit and vegetables... "taste all... like new"!

Fuit and vegetables are organic too. My smoothie is perfect, good, fresh… you will love it!

GOOD Night!

...Close your eyes!
Our 5 words



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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